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S4M’s early foray into the BPI and EAI integration services as Farabi Technology, earned it the position as a pioneer in integrating complex legacy systems with the online channel and subsequently into the mobility channel. The first truly digital banking app was developed by S4M working closely with RGA, a global agency for digital media for the branding and UX thereafter developing the entire application within the short time-line winning several awards year on year. S4M’s team comprising of BA, developers, designers testers, QA & PMO worked relentlessly, sometimes around the clock, to deliver & support the build. This model and success factor was replicated in other banks for all sizes of projects thus earning the reputation as a digitalization expert. Some of the projects include, KYC/Onboarding, Instant & remote account opening, Lobby Manager, corporate banking (maker-checker), fitness, remote cheque deposit, tokenization, cardless withdrawal, video banking, deals & offers and much more. Often S4M had to develop some services in the back-end to be able to expose those services on to the mobile applications ensuring the customer has seamless, consistent, easy & engaging experience. The integration to the payment gateways in different countries while taking into account of their regulatory requirements widened the experience and knowhow of the team. The integration with the national ID’s like, Emirates ID along with strategic partners, helped the industry to implement fast, instant & remote onboarding with KYC thus enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Most of the auto dealers in the GCC use S4M’s services in the Mobile Application Development. Various mobile apps and tablet apps ranging from service booking, catalogues, accessories, feedback to various other use cases are being implemented. Apps like Ardhi, an off-road social media app has cut through the geo limitations and drawn interest from users afar. S4M was engaged in both design and development and in case of Ardhi, S4M took over the app from a previous mobile apps development company and rebuilt it from scratch including the design.


S4M has worked with several government departments for services such as, central-transport payment system (RTA Dubai), automated tollgate system (Salik), holy place (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque), authentication and mobile wallet services. S4M’s history of having worked with various government entities on different use-cases gives us a cutting-edge in handling complex scenarios and requirements.

Other Industries

S4M is engaged in many use-cases including Airlines, Healthcare, retail and others where customers have needs ranging from innovative marketing ideas and initiatives that required novel designs and features offering services to their clients to help increase customer base and extending digital trends to enhance customer stickiness and satisfaction.

How we do it…

Engage and Scale

S4M’s ability to develop and deploy a project right from conception to going live, helps an entity to strategize a viable approach by working closely with the S4M team and making sure the project is successful. S4M is a strong proponent of UX, where everything revolves around user experience and any compromise prioritizing UI or excessive features will lead to lower traction and usage, leading to app fatigue and lost investment. So we recommend a client to start small with a ‘MVP-to-enterprise approach’ prioritizing features and when the enterprise scale is reached, the risk of overwhelming the user is far reduced due to the gradual scale.


How does it feel to drive a car that looks like Rolls Royce but gives the experience of driving a truck? UI is what you see and UX is how you feel when using something. It is so critical to know & understand the purpose of the app, the user community & their mind-set and how the usage of the app ultimately drive revenue and enhance profitability. S4M, performs collaborative workshops and brainstorming sessions to feel the pulse of the stakeholders and reflect the same in the projects and mobile application development.

Integration is the key

Success of apps-based projects is based on the services that are easily accessible with least errors and failures. A great front-end will not mean anything if the back-end is not stable and cannot deliver the features the front-end application reflect. S4M can integrate the mobile platforms to the back offices directly or through the middle-ware seamlessly and in the event certain services are not available, S4M can make those services available through middleware like TIBCO, IBM Mobile First, WebSphere and so on. Mobile Apps Development project successes depend on a robust back-end or a good integration layer at the least.

Mobile Application Development Lifecycle

Every project is unique reflecting customer requirements and expectations. We adopt Agile methodology as that is the most effective, iterative ensuring maximum productivity. The teams that are involved in the whole mobile apps development lifecycle are,


  • Business Analysis
  • Design
  • Apps Development
  • QA and testing
  • PMO


Each of the teams have deliverables and work collaboratively in every project making use of technologies and automation tools. These tools combined with processes and documentation help the teams achieve their objectives and within stipulated time-lines. The checks and balances followed by rigorous reviews help stakeholders keep a close view of Mobile Apps development and are instantly notified with snags and critical issues.

S4M Products

S4M has been a services focused organization. However recently some of the solutions have been productized due to the nature of their repetitiveness and similarity of use-cases that were repeatedly requested by the customers. Details of these products have been outlined in the products and solutions section. These innovative products are owned by S4M and with their implementation, could instantly enhance business productivity ensuring higher revenue and reduction in costs.


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