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The decades long journey in integrating legacy applications and systems on mainframes and minis paved the way for some challenging projects on hand-held terminals and early smartphones like Nokia Communicator, Compaq Hand-held devices testing our resilience and ingenuity while giving us the choice to stay relevant or stay in our comfort zone. We chose the former that led us to create Solutions 4 Mobility, S4M, a company that specializes in Mobile App Development, in Dubai. The idea of being part of this rapid transformation fueled by digital technology & mobile app development, making the lives of consumers easy and efficient, exciting our young energetic team, kick-started with developing some award winning mobile applications, which set a new precedence.

S4M was founded in 2011, Dubai, UAE, while still being known to many as  Farabi Technology Middle East . Since we had the good fortune of serving some large strategic clients in the Banking, Automotive & Governments on the EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and BPI (Business Process Integration) services for more than 20 years, excellent trust levels and goodwill was established. Some of the earliest mobile apps earned our team & our clients’ awards & recognition fueling our motivation to a different level.

The aspect that makes S4M unique is that we provide comprehensive solution including defining digital roadmap strategy, UI/UX, Business Analysis, Application Development, Integration, QA/Testing, Support, all driven by a highly skilled and experienced team based locally at our Dubai offices. The seamless collaboration amongst the team in our business, helps to ensure there are no gaps or disconnects between teams instead, create synergies.

S4M’s talented team is totally empowered to create application solutions that is custom-made thereby creating uniqueness in every solution, even if it is the same industry.

S4M has a scalable and extensible data integration platform to address the growing need to measure and monitor all the aspects of business and services, and to do it in real time. With rich functionality tailored to the unique demands of various sectors, S4M has the capabilities to seamlessly connect front-office applications with back-end systems, ensuring low-cost, real-time processing of key transactions and expedite the development of multi-channel products and services that meet the needs of the demand-driven market.


Mobile App Development with Integration

The mobile application development cycle comprises of Design, Development, QA, Deployment and Maintenance. We invariably get involved at the vision and digital roadmap building exercise. We consult and advise on several aspects including, defining features and functionalities, release strategies, UI/UX guidelines & standards and more. We specialize in native iOS & android app development repeatedly thus earning us the position as one of top mobile development companies in the region.


Our creative UI designs have been optimized for viewing on devices with touch screens and smartphones. Keeping in mind that there are a large number of devices with different screen sizes and resolution from Smartphones to Tablets, we make sure that every application is tailored to each individual handset. We maintain a consistent and authentic brand presence, and through creative implementation of ideas, content and concepts from existing advertising materials across our solutions comes alive in a clear and targeted manner, by working always under strict compliance with the corporate design specifications. Whether it is full-service engagements or à la carte services, S4M can help you launch the best Custom Mobile Application Development that delivers next generation Apps. Your success will be our success and your satisfaction remain our ultimate goal. We craft beautiful and engaging designs, matched only by the innovative and intuitive user interfaces that those designs are based on.


As Farabi Technology we pioneered the integration business by integrating Microsoft-based business solutions and unlocking IBM legacy assets for the Web and Windows platform. We spent decades in the integration of such enterprise legacy systems & applications for Banks, Governments & Automotive to expose their services to be consumed on the web. We led the EAI and BPI projects by creating our own IP, which eventually got acquired by a blue chip IT organization. 

Farabi’s proven expertise & know-how in legacy integration and impressive accomplishments in high-transaction environments continued with S4M’s creation and became a bedrock in all our Mobility and Digitalization projects. Every successful mobility or digitalization project has to have a secure & solid integration layer to expose the back-end services, which S4M has become synonymous with.

Design According to Guidelines UI/UX

In our applications we know exactly how to draw the user journey between NUI (Natural User interface) and GUI (Graphical User interface), and the power of implementing each interface to enrich the experience of the users. So, you will be controlling everything on your Smartphone or tablet with a tap, a click, or a pinch with your fingers, beside the GUI, which includes designing Gestural Interfaces, interactive visual composition, buttons, and dynamic visual representations like 2D or 3D animations. For the process that helps us deliver the most relevant information at the right time, through well-engineered workflows and appealing graphics, we ensure that the design makes the user experience as convenient, as logical, and as intuitive as possible.

Motions Graphics Video

If a picture says thousand words, then how many words should a video say? One of the most fundamental ways to increase the download volume of any mobile application is to offer your prospective customers the means to see it in action. Motion graphics is a niche specialty of our designers, extending beyond the most commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. S4M’s talented team can create high quality motion graphic videos for your mobile applications to highlight your product’s most exceptional or attractive features, uses, and functionality. Simultaneously, our team will draft an appealing script, integrate professional quality narration, and deliver the outcome of the video to you in high definition format specifications.

Hosting & Management

Hosting and Management Outsourcing services to manage centralized content of the Mobility Access Server of any data updates including support and maintenance for the hosted content & DB’s.

QA Tests

One of the most important factors of apps development is testing every possible interaction, presentation and functionality of the application. Our Quality Assurance team have tested and shipped enterprise-wide mobile applications, by creating comprehensive test plans with automated test cases, scenarios, undertaking integration, load, stress, performance and regression testing.

Project Management

We follow Agile Scrum Program Management methodology to ensure timely deliveries & help customers realize sustained ROI.


Our business is driven by talent, experience and processes. Our internal processes in the Design, Development, QA, PMO & Maintenance are driven by tools and software that automate most manual processes thus minimizing errors, bugs, duplication while enhancing reports, bug detection, code-reliability, security and many other factors that are essential in successful completion of projects. We use JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Crucible, SonarQube as part of the development lifecycle.


To help our customers realize their growth aspirations by building great mobile applications, equivalent to Italian design and German Engineering.


By channeling our highest regard for quality and values – integrity, respect & commitment, into our relationship with our employees and customers, we will create a great workplace to continuously build brilliant applications.


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