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S4M’s foray into the digitalization and mobility space has been a natural evolution. As Farabi, we spent decades in the integration of legacy Enterprise systems & applications for Banks, Governments, Airlines & Automotive to expose their services to be consumed on the web. This expertise along with the rich experience gave us unparalleled competitive advantage that helped us engage in some challenging mobility projects early 2000. When we were recognized by projects on Nokia Communicator, Windows CE (1.0) Blackberry Z10, we gained confidence to channel our energies and our resources to create S4M which came to be seen as a Digitalization entity today.

We got engaged by one of the prestigious banks in the Middle East for a POC project, after which we didn’t have to look back.

Our need to maintain close proximity with our customers across Design, Development, QA compelled us to maintain our base in Dubai as the engagement has to be seamless between these functions to deliver exceptional apps, these functions must act as though they are cogs of the same wheel.


The apps development cycle comprises of Design, Development, QA, Deployment and Maintenance. We invariably get involved at the vision and digital roadmap building exercise. We consult and advise on several aspects including, defining features and functionalities, release strategies, UI/UX guidelines & standards and more.

UI/UX Experience

In our applications we know exactly how to draw the user journey between NUI (Natural User interface) and GUI (Graphical User interface), and the power of implementing each interface to enrich the experience of the users. So, you will be controlling everything on your Smartphone or tablet with a tap, a click, or a pinch with your fingers, beside the GUI, which includes designing Gestural Interfaces, interactive visual composition, buttons, and dynamic visual representations like 2D or 3D animations. For the process that helps us deliver the most relevant information at the right time, through well-engineered workflows and appealing graphics, we ensure that the design makes the user experience as convenient, as logical, and as intuitive as possible.


Our creative UI designs have been optimized for viewing on devices with touch screens and smartphones. Keeping in mind that there are a large number of devices with different screen sizes and resolution from Smartphones to Tablets, we make sure that every application is tailored to each individual handset. We maintain a consistent and authentic brand presence, and through creative implementation of ideas, content and concepts from existing advertising materials across our solutions comes alive in a clear and targeted manner, by working always under strict compliance with the corporate design specifications. Whether it is full-service engagements or a la carte services, S4M can help you launch the best Custom Mobile Application Development that delivers next generation Apps. Your success will be our success and your satisfaction remain our ultimate goal. We craft beautiful and engaging designs, matched only by the innovative and intuitive user interfaces that those designs are based on.

Motion Graphics Video

If a picture says thousand words, then how many words should a video say? One of the most fundamental ways to increase the download volume of any mobile application is to offer your prospective customers the means to see it in action. Motion graphics is a niche specialty of our designers, extending beyond the most commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. S4M’s talented team can create  high quality motion graphic videos for your mobile applications to highlight your product’s most exceptional or attractive features, uses, and functionality. Simultaneously, our team will draft an appealing script, integrate professional quality narration, and deliver the outcome of the video to you in high definition format specifications.


S4M’s mobile app development service helps enterprises extend their business process and presence to the mobile world. Our agile application development process is based on every project’s unique needs, project schedules, and budget allocation. Our entire development team based in Dubai is supported by teams of Business Analysts, Tech Leads, Team Leads, Project Managers & PMO. Our state-of –the-art infrastructure, congenial & empowered culture, continuously learning as well as a flat-management style allows every individual to bring out his best, add value to the team & projects benefitting the customer community exponentially.

Agile methodology: We use agile development methodology in most of our projects guided by certified (CSM, CSPO) Product Owners and Scrum Masters. The most effective way to see an idea thru fruition is enabled by Agile methodology through iterative sprints, following wireframes being drawn from evolving-designs. We mostly use Scrum methodology in the development cycle that has helped us deliver projects within the scheduled time, costs and scope.

We use our expertise to create engaging apps that enhances the mobile experience. Requirements may vary, but we tailor our approach using top-notch technologies and proven methodologies. Our objective is to offer wide range of purposeful features to help you create robust, connected and rich mobile apps.


Farabi Technology Middle East, S4M’s sister company, is a leading integrator of Microsoft-based business solutions and a service provider for unlocking IBM legacy assets for the Web and Windows platform.  As Farabi, we spent decades in the integration of such Enterprise legacy systems & applications for Banks, Governments, Airlines & Automotive to expose their services to be consumed on the web. We pioneered the EAI and BPI projects by creating our own IP, which eventually got acquired by a blue chip IT organization.

Farabi’s proven expertise & knowhow in legacy integration and impressive record of accomplishment in high-transaction environments continued with S4M’s creation and became a bedrock in all our Mobility and Digitalization projects. Every successful mobility or digitalization project has to have a secure & solid integration layer to expose the back-end services, which S4M has become synonymous with.


One of the most important factors of apps development is testing every possible interaction, presentation and functionality of the application. Our Quality Assurance team have tested and shipped enterprise-wide mobile applications, by creating comprehensive test plans with automated test cases, scenarios, undertaking integration, load, stress, performance and regression testing.


Our business is driven by talent, experience and processes. Our internal processes in the Design, Development, QA, PMO & Maintenance are driven by tools and software that automate most manual processes thus minimizing errors, bugs, duplication while enhancing reportability, bug detection, code-reliability, security and many other factors that are essential in successful completion of projects. We use JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Crucible, SonarQube as part of the development lifecycle.


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