Kofax Mobile Capture Platform

The Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform turns smartphones into information capture devices with more dynamic apps that meet customers where they are, when they want to be engaged, and on their preferred channel. With the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform, organizations can improve customer service and accelerate transactions across all lines of business while driving greater revenue.

Patented information capture and image processing technology running on the device automatically extracts and validates information from photos and videos taken from a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for users to manually enter information. The proven, open platform can support virtually any capture application — and advanced analytics provide full visibility to enhance the user experience. This significantly improves an organization’s ability to deliver a wide spectrum of powerful, interactive mobile capture apps—with better data and at lower costs—for improved customer engagement and a competitive advantage.

Static mobile apps—those enabling consumers to locate stores, check statuses and review account information—have paved the way for the next wave of mobile customer engagement apps for financial services, insurance, healthcare and government. To stay relevant and competitive, you must engage customers where and how they want. Now is the time to extend the power of your processes via mobile apps to simplify and accelerate interactions such as onboarding customers, opening new accounts, submitting insurance claims, paying bills and making remote deposits.

As mobile adoption continues, deploying a mobile capture technology that can be leveraged across many different areas of your business is essential. The open Kofax platform, equipped with advanced customization and configurable tools, gives organizations the control to meet customer demands in a rapidly changing environment. Leveraging the proven Kofax Mobile Capture Platform, organizations can build a wide variety of mobile customer engagement solutions. Mobile capture technology enables apps with endless capabilities—all from a single platform. Today, mobile-centric customers can interact with a company’s core systems, so more services can be delivered in real-time—the way customers want to be engaged.

SDK and Frameworks

Kofax mobile frameworks are open, out-of-the-box configurations that can be modified and extended based on specific application needs. Part of the Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform, the Kofax Capture Mobile SDK™ provides mobile integration with Kofax real-time capture, content extraction and validation, process management and analytics capabilities. Together, they provide powerful mobile capabilities and interactive control over extracting information from images, videos, bar codes and more—from apps on both iOS and Android devices. With them, mobile apps can quickly and easily be enhanced with powerful functionality for processes such as mobile deposit, mobile bill pay, capturing information from driver licenses for identity verification, and more.

By turning mobile devices into powerful information capture devices, Kofax extends business processes to the Point of Origination™—when and where the information is first available—so latency is minimized and customers are empowered with the ability to self-serve. This enables organizations to gain greater visibility into the process while extending capabilities to the customer. Businesses are therefore better engaged with customers and “meet them where they are” to accelerate transactions, improve processes and drive revenue.

Single, Open Platform

Deliver any mobile capture and engagement use case from a single, open platform—all under your control and resources. Your organization won’t be stuck with closed point solutions. Easily extend to new applications and solutions, all from the same platform and vendor.

Real-time Data Extraction and Validation

Customers simply point, click and confirm. Data contained within documents is automatically entered for the user, eliminating the need for tedious manual entry. The process promotes self-service to significantly simplify and accelerate transactions.

Advanced Analytics

Real-time dashboards and visibility provide insight into performance spikes, drop-offs, bottlenecks, document costs per channel (mobile, fax, etc.) and countless other metrics. As you see what’s happening in the process in real-time, you can quickly make improvements and other critical modifications.

Patented, Advanced Image Perfection

Running natively on the device, Kofax technology turns smartphones into advanced information-capture devices, ensuring the best images are captured for the user. This overcomes challenges for lighting, blur, jitter, optics, background and document size.

Patented, Advanced Data Matching

Captured information is automatically matched, validated and corrected, eliminating the need to burden customers with manual correction of data. More importantly, more accurate data is available to the downstream processes and systems for analytics, upselling and revenue-generating opportunities.

Capture and Understand Content

Orchestrate the mobile user experience and app flow with Kofax technology, resulting in dynamic customer engagement. Utilizing industry-standard HTML5, deliver customer-facing mobile experiences that help your organization capture and understand content, while orchestrating and managing the end-to-end user experience, business rules and process.