Based on the new initiative announced by H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid for the Smart Government, Solutions 4 Mobility’s development Team was contracted to develop the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque bi-lingual iPhone/iPad which is designed to showcase UAE’s architectural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful Mosque in the world.

The application will provide the visitors with unmatched experience to know more about the mosque and its activities anytime and from anywhere including:

  • General Information offering an opportunity to go through the magnificent details of the mosque’s exterior and interior design.
  • Online Tour Booking for booking requests with a specific Date and Time for a tour within the SZGMC.
  • Contact for detailed information for the travelers planning to visit SZGMC Visiting hours and SZGMC directions.
  • Photo & Video to browse through SZGMC photos and videos.
  • News to stay connected to the recent publishes news and release by SZGMC.
  • Prayer Time & Weather with full day prayer time in Abu Dhabi and the weather report on daily basis.
  • Library providing the reader rich and diverse knowledge sources promoting high intellectual productivity, and offering state-of-the-art organized referencing of media.