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The year 2014 is being touted as the year of the smart car, several in-car applications are making their way to various cars around the world. We have gone about exploring a few offerings in UAE. An increasing number of car manufacturers world-over have launched mobile applications enhancing their post-sale customer experience. Ford, for example, adopted Augmented Reality (AR) much before any other manufacturer did. The experience involved a complete 3D virtual demonstration of the car, helping potential customers make an informed decision. As the car gets smarter (the year 2014 is being touted as the year of the smart car) several in-car applications are making more sense in a practical term. We have gone about exploring several.

BMW – AGMC: iCatalog is the new handy addition to the BMW AGMC application, which helps in viewing the car details and its images directly from the iPhone. You can also view different colour combinations with the wheels selection. It’s a simple way to view the car’s technical specifications, features, functions and its associated accessories. iCatalog provides 24/7 access to users, and has got a simple and an easy navigation. Users can scroll through the new BMW models, along with the premium selection cars, directory listing, and after sales and service contact. Also, the app offers a list of the certified pre-owned cars, as per their series, with full details and prices. BMW and Apple iPhone owners will love this free app features. Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center is the official dealer for the German-based brand in the UAE.

Gargash Enterprises Mercedes-Benz: This app comes with a comprehensive list of services and information utilities that lets users view a detailed list of new vehicles with their individual specifications, along with exterior and interior image galleries of every vehicle. If you want to book your next service you can directly do it through this app. There is also a 24hrs roadside assistance feature that comes in handy during emergencies. If you want to repair your car, the app allows owners to do it through the S.M.A.R.T repair service feature. In addition, people looking to purchase a second hand Mercedes can browse through the certified pre-owned vehicles gallery. A neat addition to this app is the ‘Mercedes-Benz lifestyle collection’ section that lets aficianados view the latest collection of Mercedes merchandise and collectables, lending an instant connect with users. Gargash Enterprises is the official dealer for Mercedes-Benz in the UAE.

Jaguar Middle East: The Jaguar Middle East app lets users browse through the iCatalog feature allowing them to browse through the latest cars and accessories. What makes the app stand out is the ability to book a test drive for any specific model. Also, the Smart Service booking lets owners book their service date for their car, a convenient feature we have seen on other leading brand apps as well. Jaguar, like most other apps, also features several if not all of their social media links. You can also access latest news, announcements, promotions and notifications. And in case you want to visit the closest Jaguar dealer there is the location based service that guides you right to it. There is also an SOS feature that emails Jaguar your nearest coordinate points in an event of an emergency.

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