Worthwhile work

Years ago, a dear friend of mine called me and asked me how life was. It was one of those days, when things were little rough, so I gave my cliched response, that I’m bored and tired. He paused for a while and said, you know something, you would never be better unless you really know what your purpose is. I smiled and we continued our conversation. But for some reason, his statement was lingering in my mind.

Next few days it continued to haunt until one day it dawned on me. That I’m much too focused on the ‘means’ while ‘end’ to me seemed to be just a mirage. So the question was, what is the end? Let this be a pending thought, we will perhaps figure later

If someone should ask you this question, what is your business, I mean S4M’s business, what would you say?

Well, one may say, we are in mobile apps development business, or digitalization of services, software solutions and so on. Now pause…..Is this really what we do? It may seem so, if one is merely doing a job for the purpose of existence. Now lo and behold! Does things change the moment you think other way around, as in you exist for a purpose? No, I think not. By merely thinking about something without internalizing it, feeling it and let it overwhelm with a sensation that is palpable, it will be one of those feel-good fleeting thought. Unless you experience this sensation, you will be merely doing a job. At best you will be fulfilling your material desires in life. What about physical (please read as health & vitality), social, mental and spiritual? If they are not harmonious, you will be like a relay team that is as good as your weakest link.

So how to achieve this balance? To create a wholesome harmonious effect. Some activities may help you realize this.

I know the above are easier said than done, but a conscious relentless effort over a period of time  gets you accustomed to habits that nurtures your soul and mind. You will soon be heading toward a peaceful and fulfilling life rather than a life of anxiety, boredom & apathy. Your work will become more meaningful and in fact, it no more will be work and you will look forward to it every day, every minute.

So going back to realizing worthwhile work, it is essential to realize the larger purpose of your work. If a farmer doesn’t realize he is the source of nourishment of a larger community soon he will be bored & stoop to adulteration or malpractices. If a school teacher doesn’t realize she is the catalyst to a better future of this world through a better generation, she will be merely lecturing without teaching . So, you as a developer, QA, designer or support services, you need to realize that you are part of a team that is enriching the life-experiences of a larger community, the city and then the country. Life will become more worthwhile. You will live every minute.

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