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CSR is an essential component in every organization’s inclusive development and growth. S4M has always endeavored to create high-caliber developer-ecosystem by training and creating opportunities for deserving fresh graduates or students to discover, hone their talents and provide them a world-class environment to learn and be guided by highly experienced professionals. These individuals are paid a certain stipend and upon completion often are absorbed to be a part of the core team. S4M believes that this activity is, in its own way giving back to the society in which S4M has grown and thrived.

This adhoc activity has now evolved to become a full-fledged program called, Foundation Internship, that will be conducted in an ongoing basis.

We have ties with the following universities:


We at S4M, believe in creating opportunities for university graduates to kick-start their career in our organization, thus creating the chance to evolve as professionals in the world of technology.

Foundation Internship Program Requirement:

We constantly look for fresh graduates who are keen to learn and grow. The internship is intended to give young professionals an opportunity to embrace and enhance, what they have learned during their student life by working in a professional setting under the guidance of a leader who is an expert in the field.

  • Candidate should have a very strong intent to learn and hone his/her skills.
  • Candidate should have valid UAE Residence Visa throughout the internship period.
  • Candidate should have a technical qualification.
Join as an Intern

4 months course with 2 levels

Level 1: Foundation Basic

The foundation basic provides great opportunity for fresh graduates, as well as professionals who are keen to change from their current career path to the leading-edge world of digitalization and mobility. This has orientation towards technologies like iOS, Android, other cross-platforms as well as back-end integrations involving Java, Microsoft .Net, Ruby on Rails and more. You will be able to incubate your own ideas and upon approval you will be allowed to write a program on your best idea, supported by the S4M engineering team.

You will also learn the complete development cycle under Agile methodology and also make best use of the DevOps environment. Upon successful completion of level 1, you will receive a certificate from S4M for achieving Foundation Basic internship. You may then opt for level 2, Foundation Advance.

Level 2: Foundation Advance

Here you will be a part of ongoing projects with clear KPI’s and you will participate in all activities including assignments, tasks, reviews while learning advanced development techniques and methodologies.

Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate for completing and if you achieve the ‘Certificate of Excellence’, you will be absorbed by S4M to be a part of our development team.