Digitalization, Customer On-Boarding and Instant KYC

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We are in an extremely sensitive time where personal data is at risk and stringent ID verification is a mandate by regulators.  With the IDEMIA & S4M’s Morpho/DiGi ID Solution, you will be able to secure customer data while choosing from the all-in-one identification & verification options to remotely on-board thru the KYC process, thus eliminating, fraud, inefficiency, duplication and delayed response.

You can remotely and instantly onboard your customer by simply inserting the Emirates ID or tapping the passport to identify and authenticate by using the fingerprint or facial ID. You will save a lot of time, paperwork, frustrations while enhancing productivity and integrity.    

S4M’s DiGi ID will allow you to perform the OSV (Original Seen & Verified) process with your sales agent or a representative, to visit the customer at his premises and quickly onboard him for the KYC process by verifying his documents in real-time integrating with the back-end systems with EIDA, de-dupe, black-list, FATCA and more. This eliminates the need for the client to visit your branch or office, in addition to reducing the lead time to almost instant, making your organisation more efficient & competitive.


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