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Event Pro

AGMC Event Pro

Event Pro iPad application is an internal application of AGMC to maintain the record of their visitors in Showroom or Campaigns. The application is used to collect the client/visitor information during events conducted. The collected information includes: First Name, Last Name, GSM Number, and Email Address with the capability of synchronization to AGMC mobility portal to update the database and generate the reports.

Event Pro application has two sections: Showroom & Event, Showroom is an online application and Event is offline application.

Event section will serve features such as: Create multiple Event with current Date, Capture walk-in information under particular Event, and Syncronyze all information to the Event Data Collector on AGMC Mobility Server. Event works in offline mode (without internet) to collect customers information & their interested vehicle model and synchronizing the collected data back to the AGMC Mobility Portal database upon connection of the device Wi-Fi at AGMC premises.

Showroom section is for the greeter at each AGMC showroom to welcome the customer and expedite the process. The application has a list of greeter names and locations, which will determine who received the visitor at which location. The greeter will collect customer information and submit them to the right Sale Representative who will receive an email with those details. By the time the customer reaches the Sale Representative, he/she will have all the information ready. The details sent to the Sales Representative will be stored on the AGMC Mobility Portal.

All the activities happening in both sections are stored in the AGMC Mobilty Portal which will facilitate generating reports and tracking visitors in Events and Showrooms when requested by the management.

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