Offering Matchless Quality with Unrivaled Service

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Offering Matchless Quality with Unrivaled Service

Mercedes-Benz Gargash Enterprises

For over a century, Mercedes-Benz cars have epitomized luxurious mobility becoming the benchmark for future innovations and thrilling generations of motorists. At Gargash Enterprises, they consider their role as custodians of this proud lineage, and more importantly carry out this role in true Mercedes-Benz tradition: offering matchless quality with unrivaled service The Gargash Enterprises Mercedes-Benz iPhone/iPad/BlackBerry applications come with a comprehensive list of services and information utilities that the Mercedes-Benz owners simply should not be without.

S4M have been engaged to design and develop the applications according to Mercedes-Benz Corporate Identity guidelines, a unique feature that Gargash wishes to offer its clients is, dynamic service booking.

The service booking is integrated real-time with the Service Advisors’ calendars and users can select the service advisor and view his/her availability in the upcoming days.

A detailed list of new vehicles, their individual specifications along with exterior and interior image galleries of all the vehicles.

Browse through the Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and add to the Watch List

Book your next service directly through the application real time

View products from the latest Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection

Access and book S.M.A.R.T Repair services

24hrs Road Assistance, call or send the car GPS location

Get the latest News and Promotions related to Gargash Enterprises and Mercedes-Benz at fingertips

Feedback & Survey

Notification services for the Watch List items

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