One-Stop-Shop for All Jaguar MENA Owner Needs

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One-Stop-Shop for All Jaguar MENA Owner Needs

Jaguar MENA

Jaguar Middle East & North Africa (MENA) iPhone/iPad/Android applications are meant to expand the business boundary to offer 24/7 access and cover the Middle East region with its existing dealer channel, hence leveraging the public and client awareness of the car models, accessories and the dealer directory listing along with map locations for the service workshops, and new car showrooms. 

The applications are Location Aware, based on the user GPS location it will retrieve the appropriate dealers information, also it is powered by auto detect for the device language setting with the support for the English, Arabic, and French languages.

Change the language to English, or Arabic, or French

Browse the iCatalog for New Cars and Accessories

Request Smart Service booking

Test drive request for a specific model

Stay up-to-date with News (Announcement, Promotion & Notification)

Get your dealer’s Directory Listing Sales & Service staff & Location maps

Check Jaguar MENA Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blog

Fill in a Satisfaction Survey

Initiate a call for SOS customer care center or send the car location for assistance

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