OSV Process by The Tablet App

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OSV Process by The Tablet App

OSV & Information Capturing App

Get started with our OSV and Information Capturing App. It starts when the bank representative visits the client to perform the OSV process by the Tablet App.

The client will provide their card to be scanned and instantly verified by the issuing authority. Next, the client will do a biometrics scanning as registered with the ID issuing authority which is verified as per index finger.

Then the captured details from the client is automatically populated with edit options on the tablet app. The FATCA or CRS declaration can be made by the citizens from the respective regions. Lastly, the signature of the client is also captured using the stylus or finger.


Efficiency in the KYC process

Branchless interaction, hence super convenient to clients

Automated process, hence no room for errors and omissions

Enhanced time-to-value of the banking products

Reduce operation cost, and increase productivity

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