“Digitally Yours” – Paymax Mobile / Paymax Online

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“Digitally Yours” – Paymax Mobile / Paymax Online


Lari Exchange, the pioneer in many innovative products and services, now brings “Paymax Mobile” a new age in financial services on to your mobile.

Introducing our all new Paymax mobile app. that offers broad range of services to proceed with fingertips convenience. This application benefits from the latest security technology as data transmissions is safeguarded with highest level of data security standards.

This on the move platform facilitates the customers to avail services such as:

Paymax application has integration with Western Union Money Transfer, which includes the following features:

With the new Paymax application, in addition to Paymax MasterCard card services, you can enjoy the featured card services of our new card product TRAVELflex MasterCard, the highly beneficial multi –currency travel chip card.

Download Paymax mobile and experience the digital convenience!

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