Top-Tier International Luxury Flight Services

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Top-Tier International Luxury Flight Services

Saudia Private Aviation

Saudia Private Aviation (SPA) is a top-tier international luxury flight services provider, founded under the umbrella of the Saudi Arabian Airlines Holding. SPA has the honor to meet the demands of its elite clientele that includes members of the royal family, VIPs, celebrities, business leaders and local and international corporations from across the globe.

The SPA IFE iPad application includes the following:

Know Us: Through Know Us, the SPA Elite clients would be able to read the director’s message and get more information about SPA’s mission and vision and their address details.

Aircraft: SPA has acquired the most modern aircraft in the world. The Aircraft section provides detailed information on the SPA fleet. You can select the aircraft of your choice, and navigate through its specification for more information on the aircraft’s length, range, wingspan, passenger capacity and much more. The client can also browse through the selected aircraft’s gallery of images, its cuisine, and its safety card.

Another interesting feature in SPA application is the destination calculator. Once the SPA client selects the country and city of departure and the arrival, he will be able to know the distance between the two cities and the estimated flight time.

News: The news feature provides you with brief up-to-date SPA news, and click to read the full article.

Islamic: In keeping up with the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh), SPA application has embedded the Travel Dua’a that should be read before traveling.

Entertainment: During the duration of the trip, SPA’s elite clients can benefit from the wide selection of the on-board entertainment provided such as movies, audio, games, magazines and newspapers.

Survey: Our VIP clients can provide valuable feedback about their flight experience by responding to a selection of easy to answer multiple choice questions.

Partners: SPA application also includes a choice of partners such as hotels, car rentals and services in multiple cities.

Settings: Last but not least, Thanks to the multi-language support feature; our elite clients can switch between English or Arabic on the fly.

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